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Dental crowns are typically created in a dental lab from very durable materials. This is meant to give them the durability to handle basic oral functions like biting, chewing, and grinding food. If you grind your teeth at night or have a bad habit of chewing on pens and pencils you could suffer a fracture on a dental crown.

In a situation like this, you should not delay in seeking timely dental care at Dr. Jay P. Boyle’s dental office in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Dr. Jay P. Boyle can quickly assess the severity of the damage to your crown and present you with the necessary treatment options.

While you’re waiting for your appointment with Dr. Jay P. Boyle, you should not attempt to clean the damaged dental crown. Dr. Jay P. Boyle will handle any necessary cleaning treatments. If you’re experiencing pain from a dental trauma, you could take some over the counter pain medicine or rub a topical numbing agent on your gums.

If you are in the Mechanicsville, Virginia, area and you have suffered a damaged crown, you should call 804-569-0530 to seek professional care at Boyle Dentistry.