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Sometimes your smile can be affected by just one visible tooth with issues. Oftentimes, a simple fix to a tooth could be all you need to enhance your smile and give it the boost it needs. If you have a tooth that needs to be capped or concealed, our dental crowns may be the perfect tooth restoration treatment for you. Not only can they strengthen a damaged tooth, but they can also improve its looks.

Consider the benefits of dental crowns:

— Dental crowns can protect weak, damaged, and decayed teeth from further impairment.

— Shattered teeth that are cracked and fractured can be held together with dental crowns.

— If you have a dental filling when there is not enough tooth left or the remaining tooth is not strong enough to support the filling, dental crowns can be used to conceal the remaining tooth for support.

— Dental crowns can be used to hold, conceal, or cover other cosmetic dentistry services such as dental bridges, dental implants, and root canals.

— In some cases, dental crowns can be used when the damage to a tooth is so severe that other cosmetic enhancements such as veneers are just not possible.

— It is possible that with ideal care and support, a dental crown can last a lifetime, but typically they will remain strong for at least ten to twenty years.

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