Boyle Family

Boyle Dentistry is more than your average dental office. As a husband-and-wife team, Dr. Jay Boyle and Dr. Kimberly Boyle provide the foundation for our practice’s committed, compassionate, and cooperative atmosphere. Our dentists are dedicated to not only serving our patients, but to also serving our community. Drs. Jay and Kim Boyle have been local residents for many years, especially Dr. Jay, who was born and raised in Mechanicsville. They have raised their children in the local school and sport systems, and they have actively participated in a number of the community’s service organizations. Our dentists are committed to the long-term prosperity of the Mechanicsville, Virginia area and its residents.

Not only are our dentists loyal to their community, but our entire team at Boyle Dentistry consists of loyal team members, many of whom have been with a part of our practice for more than 5 or 10 years. With devoted team members, our patients not only see familiar faces when they visit our office, but they also see friends. Because we care about our patients, we have proven our quality of service and integrity through our dental warranty and patient reviews.

Boyle Dentistry also stands out from other dental offices as we are committed to providing conservative, honest dental care. We believe that each patient should receive professional, honest dentistry, which means that we will do all that we can to care for your oral health using only the treatments you need. Drs. Jay and Kim Boyle will work with you to provide various treatment options and allow you to decide which treatment you feel is best for you. We also strive to ensure that our treatments are conservative in price. We understand that some patients do not have the same access to dental insurance benefits as others; for patients in this situation, we offer Senior Courtesy and Smile Savings programs to help you pay for your dental care.

Dr. Jay Boyle and Dr. Kim Boyle are grateful to have been welcomed into the community, and they give back in many ways. By focusing on others and on providing high-quality dentistry in Mechanicsville, Virginia, for patients of all ages, Boyle Dentistry hopes to give back to the community that has given us so much.