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Are you aware of all the different types of teenage dentistry that are present in your life that could be contributing to dental damage? Several peer pressure risks and social circle influences can drastically alter your mouth because you end up involved in various risks that are not safe for your teeth and gums. To ensure your smile can continue to thrive for decades to come, make the necessary calls and choices to ensure your smile has the best chance of oral health success.

Teenage dentistry can damage your smile in many ways, with none more so being than with sports. Several wonderful smiles can be destroyed in seconds by participating in sports without the appropriate safety equipment. If you are involved in any sports, especially contact sports, you will need to wear safety gear such as helmets, face masks, mouth guards, or any other oral appliances and safety equipment that can be used to adequately keep your smile safe from dental damage.

Another potential peer pressure risk as a teen is linked to mouth jewelry. Although mouth jewelry is often seen as an expression of one’s personality and individuality, it can lead to several oral health risks. For starters, the pieces are often large and bulky and can easily cut your gums and chip and crack teeth. If that wasn’t bad enough, even inserting mouth jewelry, such as tongue rings, can cause permanent nerve damage and burst blood vessels. Other common risk factors associated with mouth jewelry include oral inflammation, an increased risk of choking, and infectious diseases.

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