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We encourage you to floss every day to clean each tooth and keep your gums healthy over time. While you may have been told that antiseptic mouthwash is effective at removing any lingering particles from your smile, flossing is the only practice that can keep your teeth and gums clean of plaque and food particles.

There are various flossing products that you can choose from, such as nylon and monofilament as well as flavored options, but waxed and unwaxed are the main choices you will need to decide between when you floss. We offer some insight into the differences between waxed and unwaxed floss to help you choose a product that suits your smile.

Essentially, plain monofilament floss is unwaxed, meaning it is not coated with a waxy layer that is added to many other floss products to aid in flossing. While some unwaxed floss are infused with added flavors, most are plain, making them more ideal for patients who don’t like the taste or find the flavor nauseating.

Waxed dental floss has this coating so that it can be easily worked between tight areas, benefiting patients who are wearing braces or have teeth that are very tight. A waxed floss string may have its coating infused with added flavor like cinnamon or mint to make the teeth fresher.

Overall, you can achieve an effective floss with both waxed and unwaxed products, as neither is better than the other at cleaning your teeth and gum line to remove residual food particles. It is your personal preference that determines which is right for you.

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