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The American Dental Association recommends having a dental exam and cleaning administered every six months by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Jay P. Boyle. Not only will this appointment clean away bacterial deposits and polish minor dental stains, it will also detect any early signs of developing dental health problems.

This is especially helpful for detecting demineralized tooth enamel and recently developed cavities. With early detection, Dr. Jay P. Boyle might be able to treat a small area of tooth decay by applying a simple dental filling.

This outpatient treatment starts with Dr. Jay P. Boyle numbing the tooth and surrounding gums. Next he will use a special dental drill to remove any compromised tooth enamel. This will also provide a healthy surface to bond the dental filling material.

If the cavity is on a molar or it won’t be visible in your smile Dr. Jay P. Boyle might suggest using an amalgam dental filling. This is a durable blend of dental metals that can replicate the strength of natural tooth enamel.

If the dental filling will be visible in your smile, Dr. Jay P. Boyle might use a composite resin material to repair the tooth. This special type of dental plastic resin that Dr. Jay P. Boyle can color shade to seamlessly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

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