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Prepare your smile for optimum oral health this summer with a dental filling. If tooth decay has occurred to the point that your tooth enamel has a substantial amount of dental erosion, a hole may have formed in a tooth, called a cavity. To prevent infection and tooth loss, the cavity must be treated with a dental filling, typically either a dental amalgam or tooth-colored composite. Listed below are some of the astonishing benefits and comparisons of the two main types of dental fillings:

– Dental amalgams are shiny and metallic in appearance whereas composite fillings are white and tooth-colored in appearance.

– Dental amalgams use mercury as a binding agent, whereas composite fillings are free of mercury.

– Keeping your dental fillings safe and effective require repairing and replacing them when necessary. For dental amalgams, the original one must first be removed, whereas composite fillings do not require prior removal.

– Although both treatments are durable and effective, dental amalgams are much more successful with larger cavities while composite fillings are much more effective for small to medium-sized cavities.

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