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Are you aware of the benefits that brushing and flossing can provide for your mouth? Brushing is an extremely effective oral health core tool for your smile because it can help clear any debris that ends up on your teeth and gums. It can even be used to help clean off your tongue where bacteria often reside. However, it cannot clean between teeth, and thus, an additional tool will need to be used. Typically, interdental tools such as dental floss prove to be highly efficient at removing plaque and bacteria that may end up between teeth.

Caring for your toothbrush is an essential part of a toothbrush functioning effectively. In order for your toothbrush to continue to clean effectively, it needs to remain clean. This includes avoiding any sort of the contamination that can occur. Always store your toothbrush upright and an aired-out location where moisture buildup will not occur. Furthermore, never use anyone else’s toothbrush or let anyone else use your toothbrush. Ideally, you should aim for two to three minutes per brushing session to make sure you clean all surfaces of each tooth.

When your smile begins to thrive, it’ll be because you are flossing and brushing effectively. However, many individuals make the mistake of thinking they can only floss a few teeth and they’ll be fine. However, each individual gap between teeth needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, plaque buildup between a tooth can turn into tartar, which requires a professional dentist to remove. When you are flossing, use a strand of thread that is roughly 18 inches long. This is important because it allows you to move up and down the thread as needed. In addition, never use the same section more than once. This helps to prevent contamination.

The best smiles are made possible by cleaning your teeth and gums. To upgrade your smile by cleaning your teeth and gums, you are welcome to schedule a visit with our dentists in Mechanicsville, Virginia. If you would like to meet with Drs. Boyle and Boyle and our team at Boyle Dentistry, contact our dentist office at 804-569-0530.