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A tooth can potentially be lost by an untreated cavity, dental abscess, or a dental trauma that’s so severe your dentist recommends treating the tooth by extracting it. Depending on the tooth’s location in your mouth, the void can limit the overall function of your mouth, affect your speech, and the appearance of your smile.

If the tooth isn’t restored in a reasonable amount of time, the structural loss in the area might cause the neighboring teeth to gradually change their correct position. As their alignment continues to change the change several teeth will be at increased risk of suffering from dental attrition and dental fractures.

One of the most effective methods for fully restoring the structure of the tooth, while restoring the full function and appearance of your mouth is to have Dr. Jay P. Boyle install a dental implant into the void.

The process starts with a minimally invasive oral surgery to insert a titanium dental implant into the underlying bone structure. A natural process known as osseointegration will gradually bond the titanium with the surrounding bone tissues. This will fully replicate the structural integrity of the original tooth’s root.

Dr. Jay P. Boyle can start the process of creating an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown. This will fully restore the tooth and prevent further tooth loss complications.  

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